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Are you a property and/or business vendor eager to maximise the value of your commercial asset in today’s competitive market?

We want to help you. Allow us to introduce our commercial property and business services, uniquely tailored to assist sellers like you in packaging your properties for optimal returns.

With a wealth of experience in commercial real estate investment, management, and development, particularly within the hotel, tourism, and leisure sectors, we’re well-equipped to guide you through the process.

Here’s how our approach, backed by real-world success stories, can directly benefit you:




Hands-On Management and Sales Expertise:

Con Tastzidis (managing director of CST Properties) has over 40 years of experience in hotel, tourism, leisure, commercial property management, consulting, and sales. This hands-on approach throughout the process ensures that your property receives the attention it deserves.

Together, we’ll meticulously pinpoint areas for enhancement and deploy strategies that elevate its worth.

Testimonial: – ..” always found Con to be highly knowledgeable and professional in his approach through my dealings with him” Colin W.

Strategic Asset Enhancement:

Like you, all commercial real estate/business vendors would like to present their property in a way that captivates potential buyers and drives up its perceived value.

Con has been involved with many property refurbishments and developments at all levels over the last 40-plus years, from small commercial buildings to medium/large new residential/commercial redevelopments to 5-star international hotels and resorts.

We understand the political and business obstacles involved because we have been through most of them with our clients.

This expertise ensures your property is showcased in its best light, attracting premium offers from interested buyers.

An example was the successfully executed strata sale of two separate hotels, a total of 252 rooms, maximising each unit’s value for significant capital gains for our clients. The hotel rooms were marketed as individual unit investments with fixed rental returns (with annual increases) on 30-year leases.

Testimonial—Your innovating marketing, enthusiasm, attention to detail, and knowledge of the Hotel and commercial Property investment market have been instrumental in obtaining many global inquiries and successful sales throughout Australia—Heath T.

Tailored Property Packaging:

Every property has unique selling points, and we work with our clients to highlight them. Take, for instance, our involvement in overseeing the successful conversions of several old industrial properties into lucrative commercial/residential developments.

By transforming under-utilised properties into desirable assets, we’ve increased market interest and achieved higher returns for our clients, with one of these achieving a record selling price for the area.

Efficient Sales Process:

Our streamlined, multi-award-winning approach to selling properties ensures a smooth and efficient process for you. By leveraging our expertise in marketing and negotiation, we’ll help you attract qualified buyers and secure the best possible price for your property. More importantly, not leaving any money on the table in the negotiation process.

Testimonial: We achieved the result we wanted. From our point of view, the whole process was “painless,”  mainly due to Con’s efforts. Adrianne Z.

Testimonial: Very professional and easy to talk to….knowing what they are talking about. Tony E.

Testimonial – “you are the only honest & trusted broker I have dealt with” Karen L.

Testimonial – “reliable, consistent, experienced” Kevin H

Informed Decision-Making:

Property selling involves critical decisions, and our guidance is rooted in proven successes. On many occasions, we have recommended that our clients delay the selling process to allow the property to achieve its highest and best use to attract the most potential buyers and, more importantly, the highest selling price.

Proven Profitability:

Let’s talk about about results. We’ve facilitated property sales that have resulted in substantial capital gains for our clients, and we’re committed to replicating that success for you.

An example of this was purchasing an underperforming motel in a beach location and re-positioning/branding it as backpacker accommodation, which led to a significant improvement in revenue and profitability.

This resulted in a resale price of over 1,000% on the initial purchase price in just over 25 years!

Testimonial – ” Con’s guidance and recommendations for the purchase of two large commercial properties that have risen in value steeply to create reward for me and my family” Sean B.

Resilient Market Performance:

Economic conditions may fluctuate, but together, we’ll weather the storms. We’ve navigated through high interest rates and declining occupancy levels, maintaining stability and growth for our clients. Our partnership offers options to safeguard your property and business against market fluctuations, ensuring your investment remains protected.

An example of this was when we managed a portfolio of over 100 various types of commercial properties. With this portfolio, we achieved 90%+ occupancy rates, curing unfavourable economic conditions, including 20% + interest rates and high commercial property vacancy levels. This increased the group’s total rental revenue by over 50% within the first three years of our management.

Testimonial – “Your insightful and practical recommendations resulted in us maximising our returns by consolidating our business and leasing out under-utilised areas. Mark R.

Your commercial property deserves nothing short of excellence. Let our proven expertise and unwavering dedication propel your property towards its full potential in today’s dynamic market landscape. For a no-obligation, confidential free chat reach out today, and let’s script another success story together.


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