Maximising your investments value

There’s nothing worse than a good business that is suffering from problems that are easily resolved. Problems once rectified would have an impact on your property and assist in maximising your investments value.

Richard Lyon presents the following article to outline the importance of good presentation for your property investment strategy.

How a Commercial Property Interior Designer can help

As a designer I am often asked to help ‘lift’ a property and inject some much needed energy into the place. More often than not the problems are to do with appearance and general maintenance both of which can usually be easily resolved.

Recently I was asked to help with a commercial premises in Western Sydney. Trade was declining and the building, though large, had little or no street presence. Having identified the problem, all the work done was to the external facade only and business improved dramatically. Maintaining the appearance and function of your business is a wise and cost effective strategy. This allows you to maintain a high visual profile and maximise both your rental returns and the potential sales price.

Far from being a costly and time consuming exercise the steps required to make your business or property stand out from the crowd are often simple, cost effective and easily done.

A successful property/business needs to impress your clients. It needs to  project your image and services effectively to the market place. As importantly, maximise your investments value when you eventually have to sell.

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