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Attention builders and engineers seeking to take control of their careers: your perfect metal fabrication / manufacturing business opportunity with an impressive track record supplying the growing hotel, catering, and tourist industries with further diversification possibilities.

Metal Fabrication Business For Sale

A Strategic Metal Fabrication Business Sydney Opportunity Tailored for Builders and Engineers. Transform Your Skills into Business Success

About This Steel Metal Fabrication Business

Attention builders and engineers seeking to take control of their careers: your perfect manufacturing business opportunity with an impressive track record awaits.

Many skilled professionals long for a business venture that utilises their talents. Despite having the skills and experience, they struggle to find the right opportunity to take their career to the next level.

Enter this Steel Fabrication Business Sydney listing, a strategic opportunity tailored for individuals with basic building/engineering skills. Imagine owning a business that leverages your expertise while offering limitless growth potential. The business mainly caters to the booming hotel, catering, and restaurant industries.

Benefits of owning this metal fabrication business:

Seamless Transition: With the current owner committed to a smooth transition, you can confidently and easily step into your new role.

High Profits.

The current turnover for this metal fabrication business Sydney is around $1.8 million per year, with a profit of approximately $450,000 for one working business owner.

Large Customer Base:

Benefit from a well-established business (for over 20 years) with a large database of repeat customers, providing immediate revenue opportunities.

Utilise your existing customers to buy more.

You could be serving the existing customer base with other products. The opportunity is to get your current customers to buy more, increase your revenue, and find new markets.

Expansion Potential:

Based in Sydney South and operating throughout Sydney and surrounding areas, the business is ready for relocation and expansion. As such, it offers limitless possibilities for growth throughout Sydney, regional NSW, and Australia.

Strong Industry:

This manufacturing business stayed stable during COVID, showing resilience and long-term viability despite external factors affecting other industries.


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Ready to turn your skills into business success? Explore this steel fabrication business in Sydney for sale listing today. Take the first step towards owning a thriving business that aligns perfectly with your expertise.

Five easy steps to acquiring this business

1. Get in touch:

Contact Con Tastzidis at CST Properties

2. Complete the non-disclosure agreement online:

We’ll send you a brief online agreement to keep the business information confidential if you’re interested.

3. Discuss suitability:

Once the NDA is signed, we’ll provide you with more details about the business and discuss its suitability for your goals and expertise.

4. Schedule Inspection:

If required, we’ll arrange an inspection of the business premises so you can get a first-hand look at the operations and facilities. Negotiate

5. Business Ownership:

Become the new business owner and be guided through the whole process of how the business works.

Imagine the possible opportunities that await!

Contact Con Tastzidis at CST Properties – Sydney Commercial Real Estate Agents & Business Brokers. Our phone number is 02 9882 2221 to find out more about this business.

Please note that the information above has been provided by the owners. Although we believe the information to be true we cannot  guarantee its accuracy.  – CST Properties