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Sell my Commercial Property or Business

If you are thinking of selling your commercial investment property or business, you have come to the right place!

Selling your commercial real estate investment or business can be a very stressful experience. Especially more so if there are time constraints due to ill health, family/partnership disputes, or adverse economic conditions.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  CST Properties looks after the whole process for you. Therefore allows you to concentrate on your own personal and business issues.

Additionally, our team of multi-award professionals brings a dynamic approach to the achievement of your commercial property and financial objectives.

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What is our process to sell your Commercial Property and/or Business

We understand that selling your commercial property and/or business can be a complex issue. Our aim is to make it as smooth and pain-free as possible in three small steps.

  1. We start with a meeting. We work with you to identify the target buyers for you.
  2. We develop a marketing plan built around laser targeting each individual buyer group
  3. We find the highest amount of possible buyers for your property or business and negotiate the best price for you.
Commercial Property & Business Agents

Our Property & Business Experience to help you


We have many years of commercial real estate and business management, marketing, consulting and brokerage experience in selling and working with clients like you.

Assisting you with the best market knowledge, information, and resources you require to maximise your sales value and therefore final market sales price when your business or commercial property is sold.  Notably, reducing the time your business real estate spends on the market.

Our first-hand knowledge of tenant demand, trends in selling & leasing value, award-winning marketing and leverage in media scheduling assists us to achieve your business & property goals.

We are always trying to keep up to date with all the latest marketing techniques plus the general use of Artificial Intelligence for property research/sales & business through continual training. We have a number of digital marketing certifications and have been recognised by the Real Estate Institute of NSW with a recent digital marketing award in real estate and business marketing. 

We understand that every commercial property and business is different. As such we will work with you to determine the best online and offline marketing for you. Over the last few years, we have developed a system that incorporates the power of AI (artificial intelligence) through Business Accelerator Analysis Methodology (BAAM).™ with good success helping our clients find the largest pool of possible buyers. 

How to sell my commercial property?

We understand that your Commercial Property/Business is Unique

Your decision to place your commercial property for sale deserves the best attention and service.

We appreciate that your choice to sell your commercial real estate is a significant decision. On one side, you have an excellent income-producing asset, and on the other, you may be tossing up another investment with better long term growth opportunities. Whatever reason for selling, we need to work with you to prepare a detailed plan before selling commercial property.

The sale of commercial property can be more complex than selling a residential property or company shares. Depending on the type and location of the property, it can take more time. This process needs to be followed to ensure that your commercial property asset gets transferred most efficiently.

Things you have to consider.

Ensuring that all your commercial property leases are up to date and in order

Ensuring that all your commercial tenant leases are up to date and in order is critical. You’ll want to take the time to review each lease and make sure that it is up to date and all the terms are in order. Plus, you will need to ensure that all rental and outgoings owed by the tenant are up to date.

Capital Gains Tax on your Commercial Real Estate

Assuming that you have owned the property for a while, there is a good chance that you have achieved an excellent financial gain on the original purchase price. This would mean that depending on the actual growth over inflation increases and any capital work improvements, and you may likely be liable for capital gains tax. You should discuss this with your accountant to ensure that all your deductions have to be taken into account when (if any) capital gains tax is owed.

Are your property and business accounts are in order?

If a business is also involved in the sale, you would have to provide profit & loss accounts, business activity statements, depreciation schedules and other relevant accounts available for the negotiation process.

Do you have all your team together?

Selling a commercial property or business is a process. Commercial real estate and business transactions can be very complex, unlike most residential transactions. It is crucial that you have all your team ready to work with your commercial real estate agent towards the best possible result for you. You would at least need your lawyer & accountant available with all documentation ready to be produced when required. Any delays could lead to buyers becoming frustrated and moving on to a more straight forward deal.

How much is your commercial property worth?

Over the last 30 years plus in commercial real estate, I have found that asking the right price is critical when the time comes to sell your property. If it is too high, you may scare off any potential buyers wanting to make offers below your asking price. At the same time, setting it too low has its obvious disadvantages. If the price is too low, you might not get the amount you expect. We work with you and discuss the best asking price for the current market -more importantly, the reasons and the process of pricing your commercial property for you. 

You deserve the best service and result possible.

We limit our listings at any given time—most of all, giving your commercial asset or business the highest care and time it deserves.

We don’t believe the commoditised approach becoming popular in the commercial property, and business sales agents as well as “sale by owner” market would work in most transactions. 

You may save money on commissions, but the extra stress involved in the process could cost you in irrelevant advertising and your final sales price.

Your commercial property is unique-not a commodity and we don’t believe in a one size fits all marketing campaign.

Let our experienced team look after everything for you, leaving you with the time to relax and concentrate on the important things in your life – your family and business

Our cost-effective planned and targeted online and offline marketing campaigns when listing your property ensure we reach the highest number of prospective buyers and more importantly, the best possible sales price in the current mark


Discover how CST Properties can assist you to make your next transaction a success. Contact Con Tastzidis on 0403 118 830 or email us at with your details.

(in confidence and without any obligation)

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