Commercial Property Services

At CST Properties, we possess the knowledge, expertise, and experience to provide some property services to buyers and sellers, services to assist you with your objectives and maximise the value of your property.


More importantly, we aim to ensure you achieve the highest rate of return for the future of the property investment.


Additionally, we recognise that property is the only proven method of wealth creation, which guarantees consistent results for you. That is why we are dedicated to helping buyers and sellers like you with all your objectives, Whether you are looking to secure an additional source of income, make quick profits, provide security for your pension or build a substantial property portfolio.

There are some services that both our affiliated companies and we can provide to assist our broad spectrum of both personal and corporate clients. These include:


•    Legal

•    Feasibility Studies

•    Commercial Real Estate (investment) Coaching

•    Finance

•    Single Asset and Portfolio Valuations

•    Appraisal Reviews

•    Project Management

Special investment/business real estate such as Hotel & Resorts, Cafes, Restaurants, Boarding Houses, Aged Care Centres, Child Care Centres, Service Stations, etc.


At CST Properties, we also have a wide range of commercial business properties for investment available. However, for reasons of confidentiality, we cannot display all of them.

Do you have any requests or would you like to receive more information about new commercial investment properties or businesses “off the market” or before they are advertised?

If so contact us now to ensure you don’t miss any ideal off-market opportunity.